Summer Dresses from Wrangler

Wrangler Aztec Print Dress

Bright colors, bold prints and plenty of cowgirl attitude, that's what these summer dresses are made of. Wrangler never fails to disappoint in the clothing department. Check out these dresses available for purchase online at Wrangler or check your local retailer and see if they have them in stock. 


Wrapped Up in Arm Candy

How many bracelets can you fit on one arm? The struggle is real, y’all. As western fashionistas, it’s all about seeing who can sport the most arm candy. Layering on silver, copper, leather and turquoise is our game. A fun way to wear your fancy pants jewelry is to layer it with wrap bracelets. If you’re like, “what in the hell is a wrap bracelet?” It’s not rocket science. They are simply bracelets that wrap around your wrist multiple times. They make it look like you’re rocking several bracelets while only wearing one. Easy enough and stylish as all get out. 

Most of these bracelets are super light weight, which is an important factor in determining how many bracelets your arm can bare to lift for the next rodeo. So layer it up. The more the merrier! 

Pictured above: Leather bangles by Allie Falcon Communications


On Trend: Army Green

Fall in line, ladies! Army green is hot right now and it doesn’t matter how you wear it. This style is adorable in jumpsuits and jackets and we aren’t the only ones who think so. Army green items are flying off the shelves! 

We know it’s a crazy thought, but channel your brain to see army green as a neutral and pair it with funky patterns, colors and textures. A little clash is good. It’s kind of a hidden rule when mixing patterns and textures; go big or go home. If your colors/patterns/textures are similar but different, it can look a little funky, but if you choose colors/patterns/textures of complete opposite ends of the spectrum, it can turn into something fantastic and beautiful! Army green adds a touch of structure to any outfit, but have fun with it and don’t be afraid to be different! 

Pictured above: ThePerfext Mimi Fringe Suede Skirt


Festival Fashion Street Style

What they were wearing this year at Country Thunder in Arizona and Stagecoach in California, two of the west's largest country music festivals. Cowgirl takes its cameras to the show! 

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