10 Ways to Wear Suede


Faux Suede Fringe Skirt, $139

A woman that wears leather is a confident woman who knows what she wants. Plus, wearing leather is a quick way to feel sexy, and who doesn’t want that? Whether you are urban or rural, there are a million ways to pull off leather fabrics and one of the smoother ways to do it, is by wearing suede. Oh it’s so soft and delicate, you don’t know if you want to pet it or wear it, but trust us, honey, you want to wear it! Suede is a ladylike leather that can be worn by western fashionistas or boho goddesses, alike. Either way, it looks rustic and chic.

Go bold with a suede fringe skirt, or ease into the trend by carrying a suede clutch. Just be prepared for people to swoon at your suede and quite possibly touch you… A LOT.  We’ve collected a few suede starting points for you.


Printed Shorts that Scream Spring!


Pamela V. Cuzco High Waist Shorts, $60

Once the warm weather finally gets here, you are going to have to put up a serious fight to keep up from wearing shorts…every…single…day. Fill your closet full of prints! Of course, you can’t say spring without thinking about florals, but you don’t have to do the same song and dance as everybody else. Serapes, tribals and paisleys are just a few of our favorite ways to wear prints that fit in with our ranch style closet! Grab a cute tee and your favorite pair of Old Gringos and show off those legs, ladies! For a trendy hippie look, try out a pair of high waisted shorts and a pair of booties or sandals!

Now just sit back, reminisce about the sun and start shopping for spring! 


Retro Rodeo Collection by Tasha Polizzi

Retro Rodeo Collection by Tasha Polizzi

Like many cowgirls, I love Tasha Polizzi and her beautiful clothing, accessories and home decor collections. You will always find fun prints and tasteful western designs. Tasha's Retro Rodeo Collection is on my radar for spring, here are a few favorite pieces. 


8 Texas Boutiques You Must Follow on Instagram

The Gypsy Wagon: @thegypsywagon_austin

Seriously, ladies, how beautiful is this world? We can lay around in our PJ’s, buy a whole outfit and never leave the house. After five o’clock, you can find us drinking a cold one and snooping around Instagram, for our next big find! There are several boutiques out there that are simply killing it on Instagram. Each one is better than the next. Filled with vintage Native American jewelry, ranchy threads and boots galore! Boutique shopping is great because these businesses are hitting all the top markets and gathering unique goods for us to oooh and awww over! Some of them haven even come up with their own original clothing and accessory designs. To say these store owners are inspirational, is almost an understatement. Because of their drive to provide the most wonderfully wild and crazy products, we get to look cute all the time!

Just know, if you are shopping at any of these amazing retailers, you can bet you won’t show up in the same outfit as every other girl at the rodeo! People will indefinitely ask where you got those shoes and that bag, because these boutiques are the best in the west! Shop small ya'll!



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