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Fashion for the Curvy Cowgirl

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So we all aren’t as thin as a pencil and some of us are rocking a few dangerous curves. If you see it our way, the Good Lord just gave us a little extra love around the edges. ;) The differences between us all, is what makes us truly beautiful.  However, when it comes to shopping for the curvalicious figure, you may find yourself riding the struggle bus. WHERE IN THE HELL are the trendy plus sized clothes hiding? Well, honey, don’t fret, we did a little digging and put together a few looks together using clothes from some of our favorite plus sized retailers.

If you have gained a few pounds or if you were born curvy, just embrace it. The key to rocking your figure is highlighting your best assets. Belt your dresses and tops at the smallest part of your waist and walk around like you own the place. If you are a fan of a certain pair of boots and but they are a tad too tight around your calf, it’s not the end of the world. You can take your boots to a boot repair shop and have the calf stretched! (Pause for excited squealing.)

 Get inspired by these looks and visit the link below each look to find out where to purchase these items!


Get this look here!


Get this look here!


Get this look here!

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