10 Reasons You Should Try Barrel Racing


There are few disciplines that are as thrilling as barrel racing. It takes some serious guts to ride a gritty horse around tight turns. This sport requires a high level of physical fitness, precise movements, and a willing horse. Despite the hard work and risks involved, barrel racers are some of the most dedicated cowgirls you’ll meet. They love their sport!

Why Barrel Racing?

  1. Most barrel racers would consider themselves adrenaline junkies. They love the rush, thrill, and speed.
  2. You develop a close connection with your horse. You’re trusting them with your life!
  3. There’s always room to improve. The challenge makes you come back.
  4. You get rewarded for your hard work. There’s nothing like the high of winning.
  5. The community of other riders become like family.
  6. You’ll have stories to tell.
  7. You enjoy physical benefits like improved stamina, coordination, and flexibility.
  8. It’s a great stress reliever!
  9. You’ll become a better horsewoman. It takes real skill to ride and train a horse for this discipline.
  10. It can be become a family affair. Kids and adults can join in the fun.

You can find out more about women’s barrel racing, including the history, events, and how to get started, on the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association’s website.

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