Nasty Gal’s True Grit Collection is Truly Awesome


Cowgirl - True Grit

First and foremost, if you haven’t ever checked out, start now. They may not always carry the most conventionally western clothes, but they certainly have pieces that you can incorporate into an already western based closet. I have purchased several great fringe jackets from Nasty Gal for a great price.

Now, for the main event. Nasty Gal just released their True Grit lookbook and it is FILLED with retro western styles that are the perfect out-of-the-box/inside-the-box mixture. Pieces in this lookbook  were largely inspired by designs from Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors, a.k.a the originators of the rhinestone cowboy/cowgirl movement. 😉

The True Grit collection features a few vintage style button downs, I think you’ll love and so many skirts, jackets and boots that one might go crazy and blow their paycheck. I know I have. Oh and this bikini…are you kidding me with how amazing this is?

The collection is huge, so I picked out just a few of my faves, but you can see the rest here at

Ghost Riders in the Sky Embroidered Bikini



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