4-H Horse Programs Change The Lives Of Youth


Cowgirl - 4-HPC: Phillip

Throughout summer, the 4-H horse children can be seen showcasing their talent and equestrian skills in fair events across the United States. It’s a great time of year for local groups to come together and demonstrate what they stand for.

4-H isn’t limited to just horse showing or even horses in general. It provides youth an opportunity to develop life skills, while undertaking projects in fields like health, science, and agriculture.

Children, from ages 5 to 18, can participate in various horse projects. They are available to those with and without horses. Each county usually has a local group to participate in. You can contact your local county extension office for a list or try online here.

The horse program promotes responsible and ethical horsemanship skills. Projects range from performance and competitive trail riding to safety and horsemanship. Some yearly events might include:

  • 4-H State Achievement Days
  • Horse Judging
  • District 4-H Horse Shows
  • Equine Science Camp
  • Regional Clinics
  • Competitive Trail Ride
  • Regional/ National Events
  • All American Quarter Horse Congress

4-H’ers are given the tools to become leaders. They develop confidence, the ability to work well with others, solve problems, and support their communities. They are more likely to make healthier choices, participate in STEM activities, and help others.

You can get involved with 4-H by joining if you are in the age range or have a child that is. Other ways include volunteering, donating, and partnering with the organization.

Attend a local meeting and see what the horse projects are all about. It’s a great way to support a developmental program for children. You can also see the children in action at shows. Don’t be afraid to get involved and create lasting memories for you or your child!

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