5 Benefits Of Hobble Training Your Horse


Hobbles are often used in the horse world, especially by trail riders. They consist of restraining the horse’s legs with the use of rope or leather. Two of the legs will be tied together to impede forward movement. While some are against the use of them, many trainers find them beneficial. When used correctly, they can teach your horse a lot.

Benefits of Hobbles

  1. Safety: If a horse were to get caught up in something like a fence, they’ve learned to give to the pressure and stay still. They’ll be calm and patient until help arrives.
  2. Teaches them to stand still: They learn the valuable still of patience and staying put. This can be helpful when brushing, tacking, getting their hooves trimmed, etc…
  3. Yield to pressure: They learn to give in to the pressure and accept it. This transfers to other areas of training like lowering their head.
  4. Helpful when camping: If you are camping with your horse and there are no corrals, then hobbles can keep them close to the trailer.
  5. During breeding: Mares may need to be hobbled to prevent the stallion from being kicked.
hobbles COWGIRL magazine
Quick release hobble chain set. Photo by Angus Barrett.

There are many types of hobbles from simple rope ones to leather breakaway options. It’s important you let an experienced trainer teach your horse to accept them. They should also have a solid foundation before attempting this form of training.

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