5 Ways To Cool Your Horse This Summer


This summer’s heat has been brutal for everyone- people and animals alike! Your horse could likely use some extra care during these blazing days. There are a few things you can do for your horse to cool them down. It may require shifting their turnout and your riding schedule, but their comfort is most important. Heat stress can be dangerous!

Keep Your Horse Cool

  1. Turn your horse out in the evenings and leave them inside during the hottest parts of the day. Depending on the forecast, you can bring them in around 11AM and turnout around 5PM. They’ll be happier with a fan, no bugs, and the shade of their stall.
  2. Fresh, cool water at all times is essential! If you have a larger water trough, consider adding frozen jugs of water to them. The jugs will act like large ice cubes.
  3. Consider an electrolyte paste, if you suspect your horse isn’t drinking enough or dehydrated. They will help replenish minerals lost from sweating.
  4. Adjust your ride times. It’s best to ride during the cooler parts of the day, which is usually early morning or evening hours. Make sure to offer plenty of breaks throughout your ride! On especially hot days, take it easy and know their limits.
  5. Give them a rinse off to remove sweat. No need to shampoo them. A cool bath will feel incredible on a sticky day!
horses drinking COWGIRL magazine
Horses drinking cool water from a natural source. Photo by Fermin Rodriguez Penelas.

Make sure you know your horse’s vitals too. You’ll want to monitor your horse for heat stress.

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