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A Borrowed Dream by Amanda Cabot.

Spend a romantic evening with the characters in author Amanda Cabot’s new novel A Borrowed Dream.  The historical romance, published by Revell, is set in Texas in 1881 and centers on the life of a determined school teacher named Catherine Whitfield.  The death of her mother has left her broken-hearted, and although friends and family rally around her to help her through the tragedy, nothing seems to ease the pain of her loss.  Catherine would confide in her mother her hopes and dreams.  Her favorite dream was a trip to Paris.  Since her mother passed away, she doubts she’ll ever realize her dream of seeing France. 

Enter widower and rancher Austin Goddard and his six year old daughter Hannah.  Can this rancher with a hidden past win Catherine’s heart and make her fondest wish come true?

Cabot’s story is sweet and endearing.  You’ll root for Catherine to find happiness.  You hope she finds love and that Austin can rise above his own heartache to make a life for his daughter in the charming town of Cimarron Creek.  Getting to the inevitable happy ending is just plain fun. 

A Borrowed Dream is the second book in the Cimarron Creek trilogy.  It’s romantic, dramatic, emotional, and filled with great insight about life, love, and never giving up on your passion.    

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