Avery Rutkowski Launches AXA Cosmetics


Avery Green Rutkowski is a former high school and college rodeo athlete as well as a veteran rodeo queen with multiple titles to her name. On top of that, she’s married to Weston Rutkowski, one of the best bullfighters of all time. She’s made her dreams a reality and is launching AXA Cosmetics!

Avery says, “With AXA, it’s not just makeup; it’s a journey of confidently owning your distinct features. Beauty is not about hiding, but celebrating what inherently sets you apart.”

Founded with the message that individuality should not be surpassed but celebrated, AXA Cosmetics is a revolutionizing brand that aims to empower ALL women to live exactly how they should: unapologetically.

Featuring an array of premium, safe, and affordable products to enhance your already exquisite features, AXA Cosmetics was birthed with a core ambition to break the one-size-fits-all notion of beauty. Even more, from a deep advocacy that every woman deserves to feel radiant in their own skin – makeup or not. AXA Cosmetics stems from the founder’s personal experiences as a model and beauty professional and was made to be more than just another cosmetics line; AXA Cosmetics was carefully designed to highlight the fluidity of beauty, to raise the adorning standards of self-expression, and of course, to become a gentle reminder that despite the molds society has created, you are beautiful exactly the way you are.

When asked about her husband’s support, Avery said, “It’s been a dream and something I’ve worked on for the past 7 years but Weston’s encouragement was what finally pushed me to make it a reality. He’s been there every step.

“He even wears an AXA COSMETICS sponsor patch in the arena! Definitely need to come out with a bullfighters line of makeup! Ha!”

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