The Basics Of Team Roping


The rodeo event known as team roping is an exciting sport! It consists of a steer and two mounted riders. One of the ropers is the header and the second is the heeler. This means one ropes the front and horns of the steer, while the other catches the hind feet. This team event is difficult and requires a good horse and partner.

Team Roping with Dale Brisby

Dale Brisby is a legendary bull rider and rodeo star. He runs a YouTube channel that’s both hilarious and informative. In this episode, he takes a lesson in order to improve his team roping abilities. He has little to no experience with it, so get a first-hand look!

The video starts with a steer dummy, which is a great place for everyone to begin. Once you feel confident, you can take your newly developed skills into the saddle. Remember, each run is a good opportunity to practice something even if you don’t catch the steer.

If you’re interested in pursuing this rodeo event, then find a good instructor to show you the basics. An experienced eye on your roping and riding is invaluable!

Check out these incredible women team ropers, if you need some inspiration.

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