Bri Bagwell’s New Bangers!


I want wine on a mesaCorazón y cabezaWrapped up in you

Texas country artist, Bri Bagwell, released, “Corazón y Cabeza.” It means “Heart and Head” in Spanish, indictive of the Spanish influence in the album.

Lyrics of Bri Bagwell’s new songs will have you dancing with a lover in West Texas, running from the law in Mexico or sitting on the front porch with the love of your life. From Spanish love ballads to girl boss songs to Texas country, her new album has it all!

She grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where she first started performing and gained an appreciation for Spanish influence. She eventually continued her career by moving to Texas after high school, topping off her music composition with some red dirt spice.

There are 11 tracks altogether, each with her own tailored touch of songwriting.

Some of her songs, like “Josephina,” have a beautiful and cohesive storytelling aspect. The country music legends would be proud of this characteristic!

If you’ve been looking for an album to jam out to, this is for you! Check it out here!

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