How To Correct A Pawing Horse


Do you have an impatient horse that loves to paw? It’s frustrating and destructive! If you need help with your troublemaker, then you’re in luck. With natural horsemanship techniques, your horse can learn to stand tied for hours. This process is simple, but not necessarily quick. Be prepared to put in the time. The end result makes it worth your effort though!

A Short-Term Strategy

Clinton Anderson is a respected natural horsemanship trainer. He offers his advice on how to correct a horse that likes to paw when tied up. His best advice is to move their feet, no matter where you’re at! You can follow along in the video to see how he goes about that. You can also check out his training program at Downunder Horsemanship.

A Long-Term Solution

Clinton’s first piece of advice is great for immediate situations. You’ll also need to consider a long-term solution. He recommends a patience pole. Your horse can be tied to a secure pole with a swivel feature for a few hours. Clinton also discusses this in his video.

Without further ado, watch the video below for effective training techniques.

Trust me, no one wants a pawing horse. Stop your horse before it becomes a habit!

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