Cowboy Wedding Photography


For cowgirls who dream of their big wedding day, the wedding photos, as well as the engagement photoshoot, is likely to be something that is a great deal of importance. Cowboy weddings hold a special place in the hearts of many, especially the girls who spend their days wearing boots, throwing ropes, and riding horses.

Lyndsey Garber is a professional photographer who specializes in ranch and country style engagements and weddings; she is the lady who can make a cowgirl’s wedding dreams come true.

Lyndsey Garber.

As a little girl, Lyndsey already knew that she wanted to be a photographer, “I wrote in my diary that I wanted to be Tim Cox with a camera. I was inspired by paintings and photographs that stirred something deep inside and I knew I wanted to grow up to create ranch lifestyle images that gave others the same feelings of awe and inspiration that I had experienced.”

She succeeded in inspiring people across the United States and now travels all around the country to work with couples to share their love story in an authentic way.

“As the granddaughter, daughter and wife of cowboys I know first hand that “cowboy” doesn’t have to be “corny”, manicured nails do exist in the branding pen, your horse has a nice hip and we want to show it, cowboy hats aren’t props, barn weddings can be classy and nothing is sweeter than the glisten in your tough-as-nails daddy’s eyes when see’s his little cowgirl in her wedding dress. ”

If you’re interested in viewing more of Lyndsey’s work, visit her website:

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All images provided by Lyndsey Garber.


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