Cowgirls & Cocktails By Lexi Hoagland


“For about a year I thought about starting a business development group for women in the western industry and talked myself out of it multiple times. Three months ago I pulled the trigger and started a Facebook group called “Cowgirls and Cocktails.” Cheesy? Yes. Catchy? Absolutely. 

“So far, we have over 70 women added to the Facebook group and are meeting once a month in DFW to network, bounce off ideas, and support one another. We have met for a few happy hours and are leaning more towards educational opportunities to learn from business professionals in our industry. 

“This past meeting has been my favorite. We met at NRS and supported two female photographers in the western industry to update our headshots. Thank you, Brianna Tucker (Twisted X Global Brands) and Emma SitzmanNRS (National Roper’s Supply) you are both so talented! 

“I am SO excited for what is to come with this group and can’t wait to learn from each of these women! If you’re in DFW and would like to connect with women in the industry- I would love for you to join us next month!” -Lexi Hoagland, Cowgirls & Cocktails Founder

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Amy Wilson Launches Own Turquoise Collection

Amy Wilson Launches Own Turquoise Collection

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