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Dandelions will shortly begin covering your fields this spring and summer. They are a common yellow plant that many have mistakenly labeled as a bad weed. However, horse owners are beginning to realize they can be used as a powerful medicine to treat various aliments. Check out how useful this plant can be in your barn!

Dandelions are a type of deep-rooting plant that are able to absorb minerals from the different layers of soil. They can be identified by a small yellow flower, jagged leaves, and a milky texture inside the stem. You can find them in sun and shade.

This plant has been used to treat heart, kidney, liver, and skin problems. The roots of the plant are a potent diuretic. They can be turned into a powder. Dandelions are also a source for various vitamins, such as vitamin A, B complex, C, D, E, and K. They also can work as a detoxifier.

You can feed this weed as a general source of vitamins or to horses suffering from the following:

  • Intestinal blockage
  • Upset stomach
  • Illness

The entire plant can be consumed- the roots, leaves, and flowers. They are fine to be eaten fresh or dried. The average 1100 pound horse should eat no more than 1.7 ounces of fresh leaves. A teaspoon of dried leaves can be fed every 20 pounds of weight. Some horse owners may prefer to make a tea and then pour it over their horse’s grain.

Only harvest dandelions in areas away from fertilizer, oil, and other environmental toxins. Be careful to not overfeed this weed, especially if your horse has them in his field. It’s a great plant to use in the barn, but it has to be monitored correctly.

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