Defending a Way of Life


The Stagecoach Country Music Festival drew fans from all over the world to watch country music superstars like Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert.  COWGIRL’s  Facebook photos of attractive young women attending the festival hit a raw nerve with some readers, who felt the bare legs and sexy shorts we’re insulting to “real” cowgirls, even going so far as to imply a lack of morals and work ethic inherent in these so-called “buckle bunnies.”

These girls are anything but cowgirls. False advertisement at its worst! Not to mention an insult to real cowgirls everywhere!” –Jodie C.

What makes them cowgirls? Cuz they have booty shorts and boots on? Please, this is the crap that gives real county girls a bad name.  These girls haven’t even seen a farm, let alone a hard day’s work.” –Madison H.

Just because they have on boots & a hat, doesn’t make them cowgirls, anymore than putting on Wranglers & boots, makes you a cowboy! ” –Sherry Ann

Please call them country girls, not cowgirls. Makes us feel like we put in the hard work and effort to have that title for nothing.” –Sophia B.

These are not real cowgirls!!! You can’t work like that, and real cowgirls have modesty morals!!” –Elizabeth M.

Being a cowgirl means you put in long hours on the farm and  you don’t look like that when you are working let’s see any of them put up a fence or put pole in the ground or shovel horse crap.” –Rhonda B. K.

Others defended—even identified—with the gals.

It’s the most annoying thing to hear people get all bent out of shape about whether someone is a “cowgirl” or “country girl” based on how they dress. What does it really matter what these girls wear or what they call themselves? If that’s what you are, then be proud of that fact. But don’t feel the need to step on others or call them out because they don’t live up to your standard of what that should be.–Ashley B.

Some of these posts sadden me. Because they’re in shorts doesn’t make them cowgirls? I know a handful of cowgirls in Florida that have no issue tossing on shorts and boots for a concert or event. So quick to judge.— Jessie Lee D.

So what if they dress like that? I DO dress like that, and I AM a cowgirl, I have been riding my entire life (20 years, and have been training for 10 years) I can buck hay, scoop poop, break a colt or anything else in my shorts, boots and bikini top! No, dressing like this does not make them cowgirls, but it also doesn’t mean they are not.  You have no idea how many horses were worked or stalls mucked before they got dressed up and went out.–Ashley S 

Lol.  So if we work on a farm along side our husbands but like to go out occasionally when we actually have time to–and look good–that means we aren’t country, or farmers or anything?–Kisstin E.

All of which made us wonder…Does the modern western lifestyle leave room for self-expression? 

Does the term “cowgirl” belong only to working ranchers and farmers?


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