From Music to Montana: Lainey Wilson’s Hope for Yellowstone Season 5


As fans eagerly await news of its fifth season, the recent COWGIRL Covergirl and country music sensation, Lainey Wilson, has thrown her hat into the arena again, nudging Sheridan to “Give Me the Call.”

With her soulful voice and authenticity, Lainey Wilson has been making waves in the country music scene, but it’s not just her musical talent that has caught the attention of fans; it’s also the same curiosity of what holds for Yellowstone cowboy, Ryan and her character Abby.

In a recent interview during the with Entertainment Tonight at the Grammys, Wilson expressed her admiration for “Yellowstone” and her desire to be a part of its gripping narrative. “I’m a huge fan of the show,” she gushed, “and I think it would be a dream come true to be a part of such an incredible series.”Wilson’s passion for the show is palpable, and her enthusiasm is infectiou. In an era where authenticity is valued above all else, her genuine love for “Yellowstone” shines through, resonating with fans who share her passion for the series.

Photo Courtesy of Paramount Network

As rumors swirl about the upcoming season of “Yellowstone” and the new faces it may introduce, we definitely think that there could be an interesting twist of events when it comes to the story of Lainey Wilsons character…just saying.

And while the decision ultimately lies in the hands of Taylor Sheridan,” one thing is clear: Lainey Wilson is more than ready to answer the call.

So, Taylor, if you’re listening – CALL OUR GIRL!

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