Gear Up With These Must Have Items For Winter Riding


Winter Riding

Riding in the snow can be so much fun!

Don’t let cold temperatures keep you away from the barn. You just need to gear up and get ready for the winter. Luckily, there’s tons of items on the market made just for winter riders. They’re extra warm, waterproof, and guaranteed to fight the chill. Check out these top picks!

Winter Riding

Must haves for winter!

1) The Noble Outfitters™ Alpine Merino Wool Boot Socks, $14.95; Smartpak

Keep those toes warm with wool socks! You need a pair that’s durable and breathable.

2) Heritage Extreme Winter Gloves, $39.95; Smartpak

Extreme is right! Winter’s can be rough on your hands. Find a set that’s good for around the barn and in the saddle!

3) Piper Knit Breeches Fleece Lined Boot Cut, $89.95; Smartpak

Fleece lined riding pants are a lifesaver when temperatures dip. You’ll still want to be able to move around, so be careful with how many layers you add on. One good pair of pants can fight the cold.

4) Outback Oilskin Round-Up Waterproof Jacket, $139.95; Smartpak

A waterproof jacket is a must have! Whether it’s raining, sleeting, or snowing, don’t let yourself get wet. That’s the fastest way to catch a chill. You’ll need an extra warm jacket that’ll allow you to still move around.

5) Blundstone Thermal Chelsea Boot, $209.75; Smartpak

It can be hard to find a good winter boot that fits in the stirrups. They tend to get bulky. It’s essential you find one that’s narrow enough, yet well insulated.

Suit up and protect yourself from the cold with proper gear this winter!

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