Have You Heard Of Horse & Dog Trail Classes?


Most farm owners have at least one dog. A barn wouldn’t be the same without one! Some riders even enjoy taking their canine friends on rides with them. Many pups love running through the trails and tagging along. In some European countries, they decided to embrace farm dogs in a unique class called ‘Horse & Dog Trail‘.

What is Horse & Dog Trail?

Much like a regular trail competition, riders navigate through an obstacle course with their horse. The added twist is their dog is also along for the ride. Within the class, the rider must give their pup commands as they make their way through the course.

Sometimes, the course will require the dog to sit or lie in a square. Other times, they’ll cross over a bridge or follow along on the side of the horse. The score is based on both animals.

Anyone that has trail ridden with their pup knows the importance of them being well trained. An unruly dog that runs off is dangerous. This class is a fun way to show off all of your hard training.

Unfortunately, this class hasn’t made its way over to the United States. Those in European countries like Germany will be able to find classes to enter though.

Watch this amazing trio in action!

Who would like to see this class offered in the United States? I think it would be a hit!

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