Horse Hoof Care Products You Need For Winter


Winter is officially in full swing and like many areas of the country, we’re experiencing cold weather and its impacts on horse hoof health. These products are designed to support your horse and its hoof health through any season. Let’s dive into some of the best products for your horse this season!



$101.98 on Amazon

This feed-through supplement works to directly target the molecular makeup of your horse’s hoof. Providing them with the strength and support where they need it most!

Biotin Daily Horse Hoof Care


$20.00 on Amazon

Just like people, horses need biotin too! You guessed it, this powerful supplement also works in horses to promote the growth of hair and hooves. If your equine partner is struggling to find healthy foot growth, this easy-to-feed product is for you!

Hoof Health Equine Supplement

Formula 707

$29.99 on Amazon

Specifically designed to target hoof care, these pellets are all you’ll need! Packed with multiple vitamins and minerals, these pellets are sure to be your horse’s new BFF!

Exceed 6-Way Pellets


$110.99 on Amazon

This supplement is PACKED with all the good stuff! Designed to provide all-around health benefits, these pellets also include vitamins and minerals specifically targeted to promote healthy growth and strength.

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