8 Entry-Level Horse Jobs For Young People


If you’re looking to earn a little extra cash doing something you love, you should consider these horse-related jobs. They’re usually part-time and require limited horse experience. They can be a great way to get involved in the horse industry. Check out these top eight jobs and start working today!

1) Sales Associate: Work with fellow equestrians in a tack or feed store. Use the opportunity to learn about different equipment and connect with customers.

2) Stall Cleaner: The work isn’t easy, but it’s a great way to spend time in the barn. It usually only requires basic horse knowledge. Cleaning stalls is the perfect way to stay fit for riding, as well.

3) Groom: There is a lot of opportunity for grooms to gain horse experience while on the job. You should have at least basic skills though. Typically, a groom will assist trainers with grooming, tacking up, and cooling down horses. They might need to clean tack, drag the arena, feed, etc.

4) Hot Walker: If you live near a large racetrack, there’s tons of opportunities! You can start off as a hot walker and move your way up. This position requires taking off the horse’s tack and walking him around until he is cool. You should be experienced with high strung horses.

5) Exercise Rider: Either for a private stable or at the track, an exercise rider is a great part-time position. You must be a skilled rider to qualify. The hours are usually flexible.

6) Camp Counselor: Horseback riding camps are the perfect place to find seasonal employment when school is out. If you’re the right age and have the right amount of experience with horses and children, you might be great for this position.

7) Trail Guide: Another seasonal position, trail guides usually work for dude ranches. They help tack up horses, instruct riders, and guide them through the trails. You must be comfortable riding and interacting with people.

8) Foaling Attendant: The hours can be tough, but the satisfaction of seeing newborn foals makes this job worth it. Foaling attendants are usually needed at night to watch over expectant mares. They will either call the breeding manager or handle the birth themselves.

There is a ton of opportunity in the horse industry for those just starting out. Just like with any job, stay professional, don’t give up, and put your best foot forward.

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