Don’t Fall For These 12 Horse Myths


It’s time to bust some horse myths that have been floating around the industry for far too long! It’s likely you’ve heard these statements made a time or two from a friend, stranger, or even trainer. These myths are easy to believe, so don’t be tricked!

Horse Myths

  1. Horse hooves are solid. – Nope, they consists of many layers, including different bones and tissue.
  2. Riding is only for the rich. – Many barns allow riders to work off their lesson costs through stall cleaning. You can also find used and affordable tack at swaps and online.
  3. They’re like big dogs. – Horses are herbivores and communicate much different than predators like dogs and humans.
  4. Riding is just sitting. – This is a common myth made by non-riders. Once they try it, their opinion usually changes. Your muscles really get a workout!
  5. Horses aren’t smart. – They actually have clear communicators, though not everyone knows how to listen.
  6. They only sleep standing. – Horses often lay down to get REM sleep.
  7. Don’t let a horse with colic lay down. – Vets agree that as long as the horse isn’t thrashing, they can rest calmly and quietly.
  8. They’re colorblind. – Not true! They see color, but not the same as people do.
  9. Horses should be stabled in bad weather. – Most are just fine with shelter like a run-in or trees.
  10. You only need to vaccinate horses that leave the farm. – There are many disease they can contract right at home like tetanus and West Nile.
  11. Horses should be wormed every 4-6 weeks. – The best approach is actually performing a fecal worm egg count and monitoring the levels. You should only worm when necessary.
  12. Mares in foal can’t get laminitis. – Research shows that it may actually increase their chances, unlike previously thought.

Which one of these did you think was true? It’s okay, some of them are pretty convincing!

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