Top 10 Things That’ll Cause Your Horse To Spook


Horse Spook

Even the most confident horses spook! As flight animals, your horse is always ready to react and get to safety. That means jumping, rearing, bolting, and bucking away from whatever is causing the fear. Do these 10 situations frighten your horse?

1. Plastic Bags: The dreaded plastic bag blowing in the wind. It’s sure to catch your horse’s attention, especially if it appears out of nowhere.

2. Barking Dogs: They’re loud and unpredictable to your horse.

3. Spray Bottles: Unknown substances come spraying out to attack!

5. Puddles of Water: How deep is it? Your horse can’t see the bottom, so it definitely can’t be trusted.

6. Running Children: They must be running and screaming for a reason. Your horse is likely to pick up on their over-the-top energy and think it’s worth panicking over.

7. Deer: Even if your horse has seen them too many times to count, a deer can cause a big reaction from your horse.

8. Water Hose: Is it a snake? Why is it moving? Horses don’t like when things slither near their legs, and that’s exactly what happens when you drag a hose past them.

9. The Wind: It comes from every direction and makes objects move that shouldn’t. Windy days are spooky days!

10. Umbrella: Try opening and closing one around your horse… it’s not pretty.

From your horse’s perspective, they have all the reason in the world to be frightened and spook. You might not understand why your horse is scared over silly matters, but try to think the way they do. When all else fails, laugh and move on.

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