How Harvest Hosts Can Help With Those Long Haul Days


Like any cowgirl, the desire to get out and explore the wide open spaces with your mount is real. But the guilt of putting your horse through all those long days can get to be a little much. Harvest Hosts can help shorten your long haul days by providing a relaxing, familiar environment for your overnights. 

With over 4,000 Harvest Hosts locations across North America—nearly 1,500 farms and ranches—you can find peaceful spaces, places, and people to where you can get a break from the pavement. And with local Hosts sharing their insights, you might even find some new trails too. So let Harvest Hosts help you get out and explore more of what North America has to offer.

What Is Harvest Hosts?

Harvest Hosts is the largest, most fun, RV camping membership in North America. They connect with local farms, wineries, breweries, and more to provide self-contained RV’s—or Horse Trailers with living quarters—a unique camping experience with no camping fees. 

Just imagine what it would be like to have wide open spaces instead of restaurant parking lots, rest areas, or Walmarts for your overnight stays. Breathing in the fresh air rather than sucking in diesel fumes can make all the difference as you and your horse wander from trail to trail. 

How Harvest Hosts Can Help You

As a Harvest Hosts Member, you gain access to a network of RV-friendly Hosts. Many of these Host locations have pastures, sweeping views, and room to relax. And you’ll be able to get off the blacktop between shows or trail rides. Whether you’re headed to Acadia National Park’s carriage trails, those dreamy trails in the Rockies, or on to the next rodeo, Harvest Hosts will break up those long days and give you both a chance to stretch your legs. 

If you’re in the rodeo circuit, you might want to escape the hustle of it all, and remind yourself from time to time of why you’re out there. The rush of this life can sometimes be overwhelming. Getting back to your roots at a local farm can help recenter your love for all things cowgirl.

Where Can You Find a Harvest Hosts Location?

Harvest Hosts currently has 4,000+ Hosts located in all of the lower 48 US states, Canada, Alaska, and Baja California. This means you’ll benefit from a Harvest Hosts membership, regardless of where your travels take you.

Become A Harvest Hosts Location

If you have a farm or ranch of your own, you can become a Host yourself. Harvest Hosts connects thousands of RVers with farms, ranches, wineries, breweries, and more. This has become a favorite, cost-free marketing strategy for small businesses across North America. Harvest Hosts Members visit Host Locations and spend millions of dollars each year, averaging over $10k in extra revenue for each of these business. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Join Now

Whether you want to be a Host or not, you can become a Harvest Hosts Member today

Once you become a member, you’ll be able to stay true to your roots while saving money and planning your next trip across the country.

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