How To Entertain Your Toddler At The Barn


Most horse moms know the struggle between juggling barn time and entertaining their toddler. Little kids get into everything! We all know how dangerous horses can be, so there has to be a careful balance of allowing your child to explore and keeping them safe. Try these fun ideas, if you need some inspiration!

Entertaining Your Toddler

  • They can help you groom. You can let them stand on a mounting block and brush the horse’s legs and belly. The horse should be very trustworthy though.
  • They’ll have a ball climbing hay bales. You can even make them a small maze or tunnel.
  • Most enjoy “helping” you clean stalls. They can sweep or push the shovel around.
  • Bring some beach toys and put them in a corner of your sanded arena. This should give you some time to ride!
  • A spray bottle filled with water can be so much fun for them.
  • Let them swim and splash in a water trough. Make sure to watch them carefully though!
  • Climbing the sawdust pile can be a fun challenge.
  • Most enjoy riding, so get a buddy seat or pony their horse alongside yours.
  • Jumping in mud puddles is messy, but oh so entertaining!
  • Bring some yummy snacks for them to munch on.
  • There’s no shame in letting them have some screen time, especially if you need to get some barn chores done quickly.
toddler foot COWGIRL magazine
A little kid’s muddy foot. Photo by Laura Ohlman.

Most children love being outside. Don’t be afraid to let them figure it out. They may start playing with rocks and grooming brushes. The important thing is to keep them safe and always have eyes on them.

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