“I Know What Love Is”


The ending to the Covid pandemic is in sight! Well, hopefully anyways. With so many restrictions this past year, the music industry was heavily impacted. Music has always played an essential role in helping people get through tough times and creating a deeper sense of connection to others and the world around them. This collaboration benefits Musicares, which provides a support system of health and human services for music people across a spectrum of needs.

Some notable names in this collab were Zac Brown, Jason Mraz, KT Tunstall, among over 50 others. The group enthusiastically collaborated via email, creating over 200 tracks recorded in their respective home studios around the world, from Los Angeles and Nashville to Tokyo. In addition to audio tracks, the artists and performers also captured their parts on video using iPhones and cameras to create the music video, a tribute to community, connection, technology, and the power of music.

Jay Parkin, the content producer for Taylor Guitars, said “The song itself felt good, but this was always about supporting musicians and bringing people together. Once we started reaching out to the music community and began to get the parts back, we started to see how the pieces all fit together to create an anthem of hope for 2021.”

This collab is definitely an anthem of hope for anyone having a hard time, and is available wherever you listen!

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