Make Your Own Flavored Vodka at Home



Recipe and photo by Betty Crocker’s Daughter.

Flavored vodka is nothing new, but sometimes the stores don’t carry the flavor you are craving. The solution is to make your own vodka, the sky is the limit when it comes to picking out flavors. Check out these interesting recipes and give them a whirl. Flavored vodka also makes a great hostess gift.

Rainbow infused jelly bean vodka is a sweet treat. Make vibrant hues of red, orange, yellow, purple, green, and any color you can imagine. Do rainbow shots at home with your friends.


Recipe and photo by 1 Big Bite.

Make a tropical treat with this pineapple and basil vodka. Pineapple will make this nice and sweet, the basil adds an unexpected flavor. Keep in mind time is what you need to get the perfect flavor, this isn’t something you can make overnight.


Recipe and photo by Rhubarbarians.

Love dill pickles? Try some dill pickle vodka, it’s a savory treat loaded with garlic, dill and cucumbers.


Recipe and photo by 2 Cats & A Coffee.

Blueberry infused vodka is another great option. Blueberries are strong in flavor and go great with vodka.


Recipe and photo by Cooks With Cocktails.

Ready for another savory option? Bacon infused vodka is great for your next bloody Mary.


Recipe and photo by Grey Is The New Black.

Don’t be afraid to try bold flavors. Chamomile pear infused vodka is an unexpected pairing you should make.



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