Miranda Lambert’s New Album Wildcard Is Finally Here


Miranda Lambert just released her latest album, Wildcard, and we think she’s got a little somethin’ up her sleeve with this one! Maybe it’s the lucky number 7 being that Wildcard is Lambert’s seventh solo album? Either way, we think she’s got the highest hand!

With 14 tracks, including “Way Too Pretty For Prison” featuring her Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars tour-mate Maren Morris, Wildcard is a country-rock masterpiece. Lambert stated, “country is what I do, it’s who I am…but I love rock ’n’ roll,” and we totally feel that in her new album!

Lambert celebrates her “up and up” and sings about her “pretty bitchin'” life while also giving us an inside look into her heart with “Blue Bird” and “Dark Bars.”

“It’s really important for people to know where the song comes from,” said Lambert. “We don’t just sit in a room and write songs like a machine. … We craft with so much care and detail. I care so much about the lyrics, even on the fun songs and the feisty songs and the sad ones. Those lyrics are a window into my soul.”


“I signed up to be honest, and I’ve gotta keep that promise,” she said. “Not every day is rainbows, they are here and there, and it’s worth it. I feel like I promised my fans that on my first record, and I haven’t strayed from that. If anything, I’ve dug deeper. It’s my job, ya know.”

“I always get anxiety about an album release because its such a personal thing for me. I tell my whole truth in my songs. Putting your heart out there is scary. But always worth it.”

Totally worth it. Get Miranda Lambert’s Wildcard here.

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