New Mexico-Inspired Recipes To Try


We are spoiled when it comes to amazing Mexican food here in the Southwest, but each part of the Southwest has its own special style of Mexican food. We’re currently craving New Mexico-inspired recipes, which tend to include lots of spice and smoky flavors. Below you can find a few delicious recipes that feature the vibrant flavors of New Mexico.

Carne Adobada

Photo and recipe courtesy of Saveur

Also known as red chile and pork stew, this staple dish is traditionally offered in New Mexico and known for its bold, earthy and slightly sweet flavor.  

Traditional Style New Mexico Green Chile Sauce

Photo and recipe courtesy of Food. 

This green chile sauce is to die for. If you love Mexican food and like it a little tangy and spicy, this sauce is a must try. Serve it with enchiladas or on a burrito. 

Stacked Enchiladas

Photo and recipe courtesy of Juanita’s Cocina

If you’re looking for a completely traditional New Mexico dish then these stacked enchiladas are it. They are rich, cheesy and delicious.

Traditional Sopaipillas

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Goldilocks Kitchen

If you have any type of flavor from New Mexico, it has to be a sopaipilla. These fluffy, sweet bundles of dough are best when served with a little powdered sugar and honey.

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