Protecting Your Horse’s Legs In Style


Protecting your equine partner’s legs during any activity is key to success. Protect your horse’s legs in style with these hot protective boots! Keep your horses feeling and performing great with some of our favorite protective gear!

Black Leopard Legacy2 4-Pack Protective Boots

Classic Equine

$199.95 on Amazon

Say hello to this hot take on a classic pattern! We’re obsessed with this trendy leopard print pattern. So chic and fun, this pattern is sure to embrace your style while keeping things classy and your horse protected.

Tribal Print Ballistic Print Bell Boots

Professional’s Choice

$41.04 on Amazon

Who said leg protection had to be boring?! Spice up your over-reach boot game with this fun tribal print! Keep your horse’s looking and feeling great with these high quality over-reach boots- a neccisity for your tack room!

Front Orthopedic Support Boots


$80.00 on Amazon

Sharp white- a look that never goes out of style! Add a fresh new pair of white protective boots to sharpen up your look! We love these boots for their classic look and reliable protection for your horse.

2X Cool Poker Splint Boots

Professional’s Choice

$91.99 on Amazon

Play to win big in these fun, yet functional splint boots! They’re more than just lucky, they work to keep your horse’s legs cool and protected at all times. A must-have for those hot days and long rides.

Terracotta No Turn Bell Boots

Classic Equine

$48.64 on Amazon

If this bell boot doesn’t scream summer, we’re not sure what does! This trendy terracotta color is so fun and trendy right now. Go ahead and add this hot pair to your collection, you know you want to!

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