10 Barn Activities For Rainy Days


The skies are gray and you can hear the steady pounding of rain on the barn roof. Rainy days can put a real damper on your trip to the barn. Muddy fields, sloppy arenas, and soaked horses are no fun! Now’s your chance to get creative and find ways to enjoy your horse no matter what’s happening outside. Try these activities to bust rainy day boredom!

  1. Name that part: Get a group of friends and pull out your horse. Take turns pointing to various parts on his body and see who can name it the quickest. Try it with other things, such as saddles and headstalls, too.
  2. Paint horseshoes: Clear a space in the office or tack room to set up a painting table. Collect old horseshoes for this rainy day activity. Hang them on your horse’s stall, in the tack room, or even at home!
  3. Judge his conformation: Use a few horses to critique how their bodies are put together. You can compare the flaws and strengths of each one.
  4. Puddle practice: Wait for a break in the rain or for it to slow to a sprinkle and hand walk your horse through puddles. This is a great bombproofing activity that will prepare him for crossing streams.
  5. Barn chores: They might not be a lot of fun, but use your down time to give the tack room, feed room, lounge, or office an extra deep cleaning. You can organize things and get rid of items you haven’t used in a while.
  6. Clean tack: Get out the saddle soap and give your tack some extra care. Leather products need a deep cleaning every once in a while. Rainy days are the perfect opportunities to check that off your to do list. Try this tutorial- Clean Your Western Saddle Like A Pro.
  7. Practice braiding: Whether your horse has a long or short mane, try different types of braids to see what looks best. Don’t forget the tail too!
  8. Design a course: Create a trail obstacle or bombproofing course on paper. You can even gather equipment that can be used in the obstacle.
  9. Teach your horse a trick: Can he bow or give you a kiss? These cute gestures can be fun to teach. Try searching online for free resources that show you how.
  10. Watch riding videos: On sunny days, record yourself riding. If your barn lounge has a TV, put the video in and watch carefully. Take note of the things you do well and what could use some work.

Don’t avoid the barn because of the rain. Get creative and plan a different kind of day. Do you have any other rainy day activities you like to do?

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