Five Reasons Riders Love Autumn


Autumn is a favorite of many! After a long, hot summer, most welcome the change in weather and scenery. Riders swarm to the barn in excitement. There’s nothing like the cool air on your face and spectacular colors!

Why do riders love autumn so much?

1. The cooler temperatures: Right in the middle of sizzling summer and frigid winter, you’ll find the delightful cool temperatures of fall. With just enough chill in the air, you and your horse can enjoy a good workout without sweating or freezing.

2. Goodbye flies and bugs: Not only do flies bite and pester your horse, but they also swarm you. How enjoyable it is when they disappear!

3. Limited to no dust: Both on your horse and in your arena… The air becomes more moist and saturated, so you don’t have to worry about a dusty sand arena. Furthermore, your horse won’t be rolling in dry dirt, which eliminates dusty coats.

autumn leaves cowgirl magazine
The most beautiful season there is!

4. Autumn leaves: Get your trail gear ready! The beautiful orange, red and yellow colors of fall come out, making rides through the woods amazing.

5. Bring out the sweaters and sheets: For those stylish riders, you can get excited for fall apparel. Chunky sweaters, wool socks, scarves and boots can be brought out of storage. You can also pull out your horse’s sheets. There are so many cool and unique designs for your horse like these adorable rain sheets.

Is autumn your favorite season?

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