5 Ways To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Barn


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Are you rolling out the welcome mat for rodents in your horse barn? There’s nothing worse than a stable infested with mice and rats. They can risk your horse’s health with diseases, ticks, and fleas. Don’t forget the droppings they leave behind and the gnawed through wiring that can cost big dollars to replace. It’s time to put a stop to them in your barn!

1. Barn cats to the rescue: It can be a win-win for everyone. Find a shelter that specifically rehomes cats for barns and save a life. Cats keep down the rodent populations and are relatively easy to care for.

2. Seal up the grain: If you eliminate the food supply, you can rid yourself of the problem. Steel cans or heavy plastic are great to store grain in, as they can’t be gnawed through. Make sure to have lids tightly secured. The feed room should be kept cleaned with regular sweeping.

3. Traps work wonders: Traps are easier and safer to use than poisoning, which can be picked up by your pet instead. There are live traps that are reusable. Set them along the baseboards in areas where you notice droppings.

4. Watch how you feed: Don’t feed grain on the ground where it can get hidden in bedding or corners. Also, if a feed cart is used, make sure it’s completely empty afterwards. Even a few pieces can entice a mouse.

5. Tidy barns have less problems: Clean stables that don’t have clutter are not ideal for rodents. They like dark, damp spaces that have a food supply. Don’t have piles of items sitting around, and make sure to keep treats sealed up. The outside areas should be regularly mowed and free of random debris.

You’ll know if rodents are infesting your barn. They’re dirty! And while it may be nearly impossible to completely eliminate them, you’ll definitely want to cut populations down by following these five tips.

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