Prevent Flies From Biting With Shoofly Leggins


Chances are you have seen your horse stomping their hooves because of pesky flies. These insects will stop at nothing to drive your horse crazy. Shoofly Leggins are here to stop that! These loose-fitting leg wraps are made from breathable materials that prevent flies from biting your horse’s legs. Find out more!

Shoofly Leggins Flies

There’s lots of fun colors!

Shoofly Leggins, Starting at $42.14; State Line Tack

Made in the United States, these clever leg wraps are designed to withstand the rough and rowdy nature of your horse. A plastic material ensures they stay in place and don’t sag. The bottom is felt-lined to eliminate embedded wild oats, burrs, and foxtails. Furthermore, a Velcro fastener makes them easy to put on and take off. Horse owners will enjoy a wide selection of color and size choices.

But best of all, flies can’t bite or irritate your horse’s legs! Stomping can lead to hoof cracks and soreness… it’s time to put an end to your horse’s discomfort.

Watch this video for more information!

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