5 Tips For Showing Horses On A Budget


When most people think of showing, they imagine rich people riding around on expensive horses. While you will find some high-dollar horses and blinged-out outfits at most shows, it’s possible to show on a budget…and have a blast while you’re doing it! Here are some great ways to save money.

1) Purchase used clothes for horse shows: While new clothes to show in are nice, they can be quite expensive. Save money by buying used shirts, jeans, and chaps. Social media platforms like Facebook are a great way to browse used clothing.

2) Split a horse lease: If you’re considering leasing a horse for a show, see if it’s possible for another rider to share the horse and lease cost with you. You’ll save a lot of money that you can use towards other shows.

3) Be thoughtful of the classes you enter: Limiting the number of classes you show in will help you save. Consider your overall riding goals, and which classes will help you reach those goals better.

4) Save money for the shows that matter: It’s hard not to want to compete in every show, but you need to decide which are the most important to you. If you’re just getting started showing, pick some of the popular day shows in your area. Being around more competitors will get you get accustomed to the atmosphere of larger shows.

5) Learn how to be handy: Looking for ways to pay off your entry fees? Mucking stalls and braiding at horse shows are two great options.

Do you still get nervous when showing? Learn how to boost your confidence here!

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