Signature Quarters Builds Unique Living Quarters Trailer For Amberley Snyder


She’s already a role model for barrel racers young and old around the world, but Utah cowgirl Amberley Snyder continues to set new goals for herself.  With the help of Signature Quarters and Hart Trailers, she’s well on her way.

A professional barrel racer, Amberley was paralyzed in 2010 in a vehicle accident that broke her back. Since then, she has faced countless challenges and adversity. Thanks to unwavering determination and a competitive spirit, she has continued to achieve her goals, including earning her WPRA card in 2017 and competing in some of the nation’s largest events.

“When every part of my independence was stripped away after my accident, every single bit I get back is such a triumph for me,” Amberley said.

Last fall, Amberley joined the Signature Quarters endorsement team. In January, the SQ team worked with Hart Trailers to build a custom horse trailer and living quarters designed especially with Amberley’s accessibility in mind.

“Amberley is an incredible person with an extraordinary story,” said Abby Clark, owner of Signature Quarters. “For us, it was really more than building and designing a living quarters.  We were building Amberley a home that gave her all the tools to achieve her dreams of independence.”

Signature Quarters is known in the western world for creating stylish, functional and unique living quarters for life on the road.  Amberley’s trailer took that “one-of-a-kind” aspect to a new level with special accessibility features reimagined to make her space functional.

“We created the dream on wheels,” Amberley said. “Signature Quarters and Hart Trailers went above and beyond to put together a trailer that is extremely accessible to me and makes it possible for me to have more independence with my horses.  It’s truly life-changing for me.”

The trailer’s special features start right at the door to the living quarters where a custom wheelchair lift provides easy entry.  Inside, every detail from floor to ceiling was configured to meet Amberley’s needs.

Cabinetry was created with low, easily accessed wardrobe storage and pull-down fixtures to bring the contents of upper cabinets within reach.

“One of the coolest things about my house is the pull-down shelves,” Amberly said. “I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to put them in a trailer but, of course, if you ask Signature for something, they say yes!”

A custom lift was designed to lift Amberley up to the bed with a grab bar in the ceiling to help her maneuver into the nose of the trailer. An all-electric sofa lays down flat for additional sleeping space.

The large shower includes a three-panel glass sliding door and a bench so she can easily transition from her chair to the shower and back.

“The shower was one of the coolest surprises,” Amberley said.  “The door makes it so easy for me to transfer to the shower. After 10 years being in a wheelchair and not having a shower this accessible, it’s impressive on Signature’s part.”

Beyond the unique accessibility features of her trailer, Amberley also worked closely with the SQ team to handpick all the finishes to make the space truly her own.  The end result is a trailer any cowgirl would dream of.

“I’m just really thankful,” Amberley said. “It’s something every cowgirl dreams of – having their own trailer, their own house on wheels.  And now I finally have one that lets me take my horses and do what I want to do.  Not everyone gets to have that, and I’m so lucky that I do.”

Check out Amberley Snyder’s Signature Quarters x Hart Trailers unique living quarters trailer reveal below:

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