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COWGIRL defines what it is to be a woman living the Western Way of Life. Known for its in-depth interviews and stories that offer a passionate look at the lifestyle, COWGIRL Magazine is recognized as the leader in consistently delivering stunning original photography and articles about extraordinary women, ranching, riding, horses, fashion, destinations, and homestead. It’s a great reason to subscribe to COWGIRL today.

This is not your daddy’s Cowboy magazine! COWGIRL captures the spirit on the modern West from a female perspective. It is the only nationally distributed Western lifestyle magazine exclusively for women.

Get full fashion insights for the stylish modern-day cowgirl with more than 25 pages of horses each issue. Get inside inspiring rustic homes and stay on top of the latest trends with endless inspiration for women living the Western way of life.

Published 6-times annually, COWGIRL offers a one-year subscription for $19.95 and a two-year subscription for $29.95.

COWGIRL can be purchased for a cover price of $5.99 at Barnes & Noble, Tractor Supply, Target, AAES, and in supermarkets, and airports across the U.S. and Canada.

Getting this beautifully created and carefully crafted magazine delivered directly to your home or office will give you a hands-on experience that can be shared with friends and family. COWGIRL is a cultural touchpoint that provides a collection of inspiration and knowledge of an industry and lifestyle that is pure Americana. Subscribe to COWGIRL today and begin your journey with a family of passionate contributors to a way of life you’ve always dreamed of.