Dubbed The Drover By Desert Canary Designs


“Without further ado, I give to you what dreams are made of 🖤

“Well. What my dreams are made of anyway.

“I’ve had this design living in my heart heart for quite sometime and it finally came together more beautifully than I could have ever dreamed 🖤

“I found this couch livin’ its best life in some fella’s back yard in San Antonio and while I’m sure camping out under the stars every night and givin’ the critters a good place to nap isn’t a bad way to spend your days, I knew this beautiful Spanish couch had a much bigger destiny to fulfill. (Peep the comments for the *before* picture)

“After a few phone calls, this beauty made its way from San Antonio to my shop in Huntsville in less than 24 hours 🖤

“After tearing it down to the bare frame, we made the trip to Renovation Masters to be professionally reglued, redowled, and refinished and literally brought back from the depths of despair. When I dropped off I said, “do what ya can. This one might be too far gone to save.” But let me tell you, I almost cried when I came to pick up and saw what an incredible job Scott and his team had done restoring this beautiful piece that most would have thrown away. 🖤

“And there that beautiful frame sat.

“It took me a solid year to piece together the hides and blankets that would eventually bring my vision to life. I refused to settle for anything less than what I considered perfect for this piece.

“Sometimes I get annoyed at myself because of how long these pieces take me. And sometimes I get super anxious about the wait my customers are willing to endure. And sometimes I get annoyed at my obnoxious obsession with pattern placement and perfect bullets..

“But every time I finish a piece and step back and really admire the final out come, it takes away all the anxious feelings and self-doubt about my weird little design process.

“Because sometimes there are things genuinely worth waiting for. 🖤 What do you think about this lovely piece I’ve affectionally dubbed The Drover?” –Desert Canary Designs

📸Kristi Bracewell Photography, Texas

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