The Patience Pole Teaches Your Horse To Stand Quietly


Every horse should know how to stand tied. It’s a basic requirement in training and part of giving them a solid foundation. The patience pole is a great resource to use for those that need help is this department. It can help nip a lot of bad behaviors in the butt!

What is a patience pole?

The term became popular when Clinton Anderson introduced it to his natural horsemanship students. However, variations have existed for quite a while now. It’s basically a pole, 12-feet in length, that is set in the ground at least 3 feet. The pole can be made of metal or wood and should have a rotating top. A chain with a bull snap safely attaches to the halter.

What is the purpose of one?

It can teach a horse to stand quietly without other horses. The patience pole also exposes them to their outside environment, such as tractors, cars, birds flying by, and other activities. They learn to be alone and stay comfortable.

How should you use it?

The horse should be haltered trained and understand giving to pressure. It’s wise to begin training on the patience pole early on. You can start by tying them for an hour. The horse should remain tied until they’re no longer throwing a fit. They should should be relaxed and standing patiently. It can take quite a while the first few times. Gradually, the horse will stay calm quicker.

Check out this example of a patience pole:

It’s important to be safe when using this training pole. Work with an experienced trainer to ensure the safety of yourself and your horse!

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