This Cowgirl Can Captivate A Crowd


It’s not everyday that you see a cowgirl aboard a 19 hand Percheron. This alone is a sight to be seen; however, add in some fun costumes and you’re in for a spectacular performance! Kellie Rettinger of Whispery Pines Percherons in Kingsville, Ohio sure can command an audience with her special horses. This year she included two new acts to her performances- Lady Thor and a circus show with roman riding.

Inspiring People of All Ages

This past spring Kellie and her husband, Sam, set their sights on Equine Affaire and Horse Fest. These two events are held in Ohio each year. With a mission to inspire and educate, they loaded up their Percheron horses and got ready to perform!

The first act, Lady Thor, has an intricate costume. Kellie and her father handcrafted everything, including the armor. The performance had thrilling music to accompany it! Afterwards, there was a meet and greet where Kellie got to introduce her horses and take pictures with fans.

Lady Thor and her Percheron. Photo by Lori Spellman Photography.

She comments, “My main goal is to inspire children or anyone with my horses and possibly gain some new horse lovers in the process!”

Her 2nd act consisted of a circus show. She bravely roman rode two towering horses!

“It took many hours of practicing, standing on these big beautiful Percherons to ensure that I had their trust to perform such a skit. When I am roman riding, it feels like I could touch the sky. There is no way to really explain how amazing it feels, and I could see the smiles from the crowd and the children. It made all of my hard work worthwhile,” says Kellie.

roman riding COWGIRL magazine
Roman riding with two Percherons. Photo by Lori Spellman Photography.

Kellie loves to connect with the horse community. One of her goals is to educate others on how versatile and magnificent Percherons are. Her stable of eight do carriage and sleigh rides throughout the year. In addition to horse events, they attend funerals, weddings, and parades. Kellie and her team are gearing up for a busy show season, as well.

kellie posing COWGIRL magazine
Kellie Rettinger. Photo by Lori Spellman Photography.

You could say she is a special breed of cowgirl with draft horse size dreams!

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