Valentine’s Day Gifts For Horse Lovers

Spoil your love one with a special gift!


It’s nearly February with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! What better way to celebrate this special holiday than with a horse-inspired gift. Your valentine may be your spouse, friend, or even your horse. From jewelry and candles to yummy horse treats, there’s something for everyone.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

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A collection of Valentine’s Day gifts.

1. Hand Forged Linked Large Horseshoe Hearts, $58.00, SasquatchIronWorks 

Measuring 7.5″ wide by 5″ tall, this special treasure is the perfect gift for horse lovers. It’s two horseshoes forged into the shape of hearts. What a unique piece of art for your wall!

2. Horse Figurine, $18.10+, WoodMetamorphosisUK

How charming is this wooden pocket-size horse! Handcrafted in the heart of Scotland, this token symbolizing love and warmth. It features a horse with a heart carved in the center.

3. Horse Sugar Cubes, $7.95, HorseandHumanCo

We all know how much horses enjoy sugar cubes. These treats are next level with infused peppermint oil and beet powder. They’re also made from organic sugar. The heart shape is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

4. Horse Breath Candle, $26.00, KYGreenStudio

A best seller on Etsy, these soy wax candles smell like grass, feed, and peppermint. Your horsey friends will thoroughly enjoy the scents of this candle.

5. Custom Horse Necklace, $60.00+, KoreyEBurns

What’s Valentine’s Day without some jewelry… This horse head necklace is made from 18g brass, copper, or silver sheet metal. The horse has a silver blaze.

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