Weddings At Windy Knoll


“Welcome to Windy Knoll! We believe that love can transform people and places into better versions of themselves. So we transformed our family ranch into a dreamy wedding venue to honor LOVE!
At Windy Knoll, our goal is for you to feel celebrated every single moment that you are on the property.

“Originally located in Maryland, the barn was used by both sides of the Civil War. It was burned during battle and was later rebuilt in 1867. The barn eventually made its way to Round Top, Texas, where it was restored to host celebrations at Windy Knoll.

“We have poured our hearts and souls into this building, hoping that it will become a place where all those who enter feel uplifted, loved, and celebrated. Heritage Restorations from Waco, Texas faithfully completed the build before our daughter’s wedding in October 2019. The wedding went beautifully, and now we are opening our doors!

“We hope the rolling hills and panoramic views of our surroundings bring you as much peace as they bring us. We pray that you and your family will feel the joy that abounds within the walls of the Wedding Barn, a place built to celebrate love.

“Let your fairy tale unfold here. . . and continue in one of our enchanting international escapes!

“Our entire property has been designed and decorated for the comfort and delight of you and your guests. Come and see how magical a Round Top destination wedding can be!”

How beautiful is this venue? Check out more details here!

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