Home Decor Trends With A Western Twist


Spring cleaning (and spring redecorating) is upon us! Truth be told, I am mostly excited for the redecorating part, not so much the cleaning. I always want to incorporate modern trends with my vintage cowboy style and still be able to throw all the rodeo knick knacks in there too!

This year is already chalk full of so many home decorating styles, it is hard to pick just one. To help you on your way to a beautifully decorated home in 2020 here are four trending home design styles with a western twist… It gives it a little somethin’ extra, don’t you think?

#1 The Gallery Wall

Although not a new trend in 2020, the gallery style walls are still all the rage. You can incorporate personal photos, momentos, signs and anything else you can think of.

Gallery walls are not just for photos and pictures, these wall incorporate everything but the kitchen sink. From bits to spurs, spoons and arrows, all you western pieces will find a home on your gallery wall.

Farmhouse Gallery Cowgirl Magazine


Wood Gallery Wall Cowgirl Magazine

Kenzie of Farm Girl Boutique.

#2 Classic Splash of Red

One trend making a comeback in 2020: a classic splash of red. A bold choice, red accents are used in home decor to make a vibrant statement in any space. No matter how big or small, the red accent will bring a fiery warmth to your home.

Red Splash Home Cowgirl Magazine


Red Accent Decor Cowgirl Magazine


#3 Return of the Formal Dining Room

Another traditional style making a comeback in 2020, the formal dining room. Its time to have you nook and a real table too! Traditional dining rooms always seem daunting, and frankly dated to me.

But these beautiful, modern and cowgirl-tastic dining rooms have me running to the home store for charger plates and real napkins.

Cowhide Dining Room Cowgirl Magazine


Western Dining Room Cowgirl Magazine


Farmhouse Dining Room Cowgirl Magazine


#3 Anything-But-White Kitchens

To round out the 2020 home decor trends, we have the anything-but-white kitchens. So long sterile while tiles and marble, lets usher in fun colors, natural accents and a little cowgirl pizzazz to the kitchen.

Kitchens are a room of joy and bliss (because, food), why shouldn’t the colors match the mood?

Turquoise Cabinets Cowgirl Magazine


Colorful Kitchen Cowgirl Magazine


Southwest Kitchen Cowgirl Magazine


For more colorful ideas for your kitchen, check out 7 Ways To Add Turquoise To Your Kitchen.

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