A Painting Worth A Thousand Horseshoes


Painting by the numbers? No. More like painting by the horseshoes!

Keiko Carter is known for her “black & white art inspired by nature.” But recently, she started using horseshoes to paint. She paints the back of a horseshoe, then presses it on her canvas to begin her designs.

Growing up as an army brat, she accounts her style to all the places she has lived over the years.

“In Japan I would watch my grandma write in black ink with a large brush. Which is how I fell in love with black and white illustrations. And in Virginia I would walk around the back woods and in the mountains which is where I found my biggest inspiration; nature,” writes Carter in an Instagram post.

Cowgirls need these prints in their household! Maybe the horseshoe would add some luck into their lives!

These aren’t the only western-style artworks she has created.

Her works can be bought as stickers or prints on her website!

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