Crafty COWGIRL: Facts On Flax


The answer in short – yes! This tiny seed, also known as linseed, can be very beneficial. However, there are certain precautions that should be taken before adding it to every meal. First of all, flaxseed is easiest to feed, store and keep fresh when it’s purchased already ground up. Finding a feed store that sells pre-ground stabilized flax will always give you the best results and the longest shelf life. Flax fed in whole-seed form can get a slimy texture, which many horses won’t like. It also doesn’t stay fresh for very long, making it more of an expense than an investment. Let’s talk about flax facts. 

  1. Due to the high number of omega fatty acids in flaxseed, it works as an excellent natural anti-inflammatory. 
  2. Flax can help to stimulate hair growth and also increase shininess in both the mane and tail. 
  3. Flaxseed tastes delicious, especially to horses, so it’s a simple way to make meals even more enticing. But be sure to look for that stabilized ground flax; it is much safer and easier to feed on a regular basis. 
  4. The Omega-3 fatty acids that were mentioned earlier are not only great for anti-inflammatory purposes, but also can increase immunity and digestive function. 
  5. Flaxseed can even help strengthen hooves when used as a regular additive to feed.

So I know that some of you are probably wondering how much of these “wonder seeds” can be fed on a regular basis? Honestly, this depends on many factors; your horse’s size and age, as well as how many they actually like the stuff! I would start by making horse treats that have flaxseed in them. Try several recipes, increasing the number of flaxseed a little each time. Horses are a lot like people when it comes to changing their diet. You need to ease into this addition and see how they respond. One way to be sure that you’re feeding a safe amount is to ensure that you’re buying stabilized ground flaxseed. Then, it’s as simple as reading the label. Each brand of flax has its own feeding instructions, all within the guidelines of horse health and safety. Be sure to share these facts on flax with all of your horsey friends and check back with the Crafty COWGIRL soon for flaxseed treat recipes!

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