Elegant in White: White Lace Sundresses


Cowgirl - Lace Sundresses

Is there anything more elegant than a clean white sundress? Yes. A clean white sundress made of lace, of course. The white lace sundress paired with a cute pair of boots is a cowgirl staple look and basically a closet essential if you ask me. Little black dresses are great, but having a chic white dress will come in extreme handy for all the summer showers, barn parties, church gatherings and what nots you’ll be going to.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, buy a flow-ier, knee length, white lace dress. That way you can pair with sandals or boots for a comfy casual look and belt it up and rock it with heels for nicer occasions. And as always, add turquoise…like a crap ton of turquoise. It’s a white dresses’ best friend.

*Yes, I realize the lady to your left is basically in her skivvies, but how cute would this dress be with a slip dress underneath?

Factory Tavia Lace Midi Dress

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