5 Reasons You Should Love Arabians


"Cowgirl Magazine" - Love Arabians

As one of the most popular breeds in the world, Arabians have rightfully earned a place in many hearts. Equestrians love their beauty, stamina, intelligence, and work ethic. They excel in a range of disciplines from western pleasure to dressage. And like a bag of marbles, they come in many different sizes, colors, and temperaments. Here’s why so many love this breed…

1. Beauty

The typical Arabian has a broad forehead, large nostrils and eyes, a small muzzle, and a refined head. They are also distinctively known for their high tail carriage. Their beauty is undeniable!

The Arabian comes in many colors, as well. From various shades of gray to earthy bays, you’re likely to see a variety of options. Half-Arabians come in even more colors, such as buckskin and tobiano.

"Cowgirl Magazine" - Love Arabians

2. Versatility

There’s not many disciplines that Arabians don’t compete in. They can be seen in western pleasure, reining, cutting, horse racing, endurance, dressage, jumping, driving, saddle seat, English pleasure, and competitive trail riding. It doesn’t stop there though! Many are used in lesson programs and some even for therapy.

Check out the Arabian Horse Association for more information.

3. Trainability

This breed has a distinct temperament. While they have been labeled as hot-blooded, Arabians are greatly misunderstood. Their sensitivity and intelligence allows them to learn things very quickly. However, in the wrong hands, they can develop bad habits.

The bond between an Arabian and their rider is extremely close. Many people enjoy their temperament as it allows for better communication. They respond more quickly and generally with lighter aids.

"Cowgirl Magazine" - Love Arabians

4. Loyalty

You won’t find a more loyal breed. When treated with kindness and respect, they will give you their all. They’re truly eager to be in a partnership with their rider.

Legends are filled with stories of Arabian horses displaying bravery and loyalty to their owners.

5. Community

There is a large community of Arabian owners and fans. Nearly every state has some sort of club or organization in which members can compete and hang out with each other.  You should also be able to find trainers and instructors familiar with the breed in your local area.

This breed is very special to many riders. Once you own an Arabian, you’re likely to never look back. These reasons are just the beginning as to why so many people love and respect these horses.

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