5 Reason Mares Are Better Than Geldings


Most riders either love mares or refuse to own them! Until recently, geldings have dominated the horse industry, but times are changing. Horse owners are learning just how dependable and loyal mares can be. Once you see all of the amazing qualities they have, you’ll be on their team in the great debate of mares vs geldings.

1. You learn to work with a mare: It’s not smart to argue with a mare. Instead, you learn to ask questions and build a mutual respect for one another. They’ll test you as a trainer and rider, but in the end you’ll have a horse that works with you without force or aggression. You become a harmonized team!

2. They try harder: Once you have that respect, you’ll get a horse that gives it her all. Mares have a work ethic that goes above and beyond.

3. Mares like routine: Your relationship with your mare will become very personalized. She will see you as her owner. If you scratch your mare before letting her out, you better do it every time. She expects and anticipates your routine affection. A gelding may be indifferent to your attention.

4. A high level of self-preservation: They seem to want to protect themselves. That means making smart decisions to avoid upsetting the herd leader or running into a ditch on the trail.

5. Your mare can be bred: Simply put…your gelding won’t be giving you a foal anytime soon. An exceptional mare has the potential to birth a high-quality foal.

Owning a good mare is like holding onto gold…never let go!

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