A Garden For Cowgirls


You’re on the road, you work long days. You just don’t have the time to devote hours to a garden. Maybe you’re a traveler that’s gone rodeoing for weeks on end. Well, we’ve got the garden for you! Everyone loves the rustic look of a succulent garden. Here are some ideas on how to grow and implant some succulents into your life.

If you’re landscaping outside, use a variety of different cacti. Adding size creates texture and flow to your garden. Create a pattern or change it up and make it random and natural looking. Whatever you do, make sure you have a plan before you start planting in your garden.

Don’t be afraid to add fun pots to create texture and depth in your garden. Pots are an awesome way to control growth. If you have a cactus that is known for rapid growth and expansion, then potting the plant may be a good idea for your garden. 

Plant your garden creatively, using wheelbarrows, bird baths, water fountains, etc. Some of the best gardens have a variety in planters as well. You can use the same cactus, or multiple different succulents to add color and style to your garden.

Don’t forget to add some color to your garden by getting some cactus that have flower blooms. Many of them bloom seasonally, but when they do the color is beautiful. Different variants bloom different amounts of flowers. Most succulents bloom in the spring to early summer while others bloom in the spring. Aloe and a few other varieties bloom in the middle of the summer. Make sure you fertilize your garden to help prolong the blooming period. Fertilizer can also help with enhancing the color and creating growth for your cactus.

Don’t be afraid to come from the sky! Hanging pots is a great way to fill up the space. When hanging pots don’t be afraid to use cacti that hang down as well as climbing high to the sky. The wilder the plant, the more fun to look at in your garden. These are also fun to place inside by a window to pull some nature in from outside.

Fill in the space, when planting succulents make sure to plant them with enough space to grow, but not too much. You want to have your succulents to be close when they are fully matured. Make sure you do your research on how close to plan them together.

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