Buckle Up With Rodeo Queens


After a rodeo queen is gifted her crown atop her hat, she awaits patiently for the buckle to be presented. A buckle is one of the highest honors awarded in the sport of rodeo. The buckle is uniquely designed for each state representing the Miss Rodeo America organization.

Miss Rodeo Illinois‘ buckle includes the state flower– purple violets– which is also engraved into her crown to match. The buckle is a direct refection of the crown to tie everything together. Bob Berg proudly makes the Miss Rodeo Illinois buckle.

Miss Rodeo Idaho‘s buckle has three Idaho state shapes to represent the past, present, and future. The buckle represents the “Gem State” to continually carry on the legacy.

The representative of Georgia peaches, Miss Rodeo Georgia‘s buckle has peach gem stones throughout. It was made by Shea Michelle Buckle Designs, who happens to be the wife of Tyson Durfey, a world champion tie-down roper.

Miss Rodeo Florida‘s buckle perfectly articulates the beauty of the state. The blue gemstones are placed on the border to represent the ocean that surrounds Florida.

The buckle worn by Miss Rodeo Colorado stays on the traditional side with the same buckle in years past. It is a simplistic but beautiful design that nods to the tradition of rodeo generations.

The Miss Rodeo California buckle, created by Skyline Vaquero Silversmiths, represents the “Golden State” with its rose gold features. A California Grizzly Bear and the shape of the state also adorn the buckle.

The floral illustrations of Miss Rodeo Arkansas‘ buckle represents the “Natural State.” Montana Silversmiths designed the buckle and included the shape of the state in gold to exude confidence in the wearer.

Underneath each of those infamous buckles, hang the iconic chaps of a rodeo queen. Each of the chaps have details from the state the queen represents. See the chaps of the queens of Miss Rodeo America’s organization here!

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